While the national media would have you believe that the bottom has fallen out of the housing market, Cornwall is, as ever, weathering the storm.

No longer is the county considered simply a place for a weekend getaway. Quality of life is what living in this county is all about and the advent of broadband technology has made working from home not only possible but highly desirable. Little wonder that Cornwall has one of the most advanced broadband infrastructures, and highest take up rates in the UK.

The purchase of a home in Cornwall has always been a sound and safe investment. We have no reason at all to predict that it’s likely to change.

From studying the lengthy Cornwall Local Development Plan and looking into the area specific strategic plans, we have identified the following areas as prime locations to invest for the future.

The number one investment area is Newquay. Newquay airport is becoming one of the few locations in UK to enable sub-orbital flights, spaceplanes and satellite launches. The Newquay spaceport plan has won £20million funding from the government and received a confirmation for sub-orbital flights from the European Space Agency.

The first horizontal launch could be carried out from Newquay Airport by the end of 2021. This program will enable Newquay to be one of the European hubs for the space industry, favouring the growth of existing business and the addition of new businesses in Cornwall Concurrently this will increase the number of well-paid jobs in the area and therefore demand for quality housing.

Other areas of interest are Truro, Falmouth and St Austell which are the three highest populated towns/cities in Cornwall with strong and exciting longer term infrastructure plans mapped out.