Firstly, thank you for expressing an interest in hearing more about our very exciting and rewarding investment offer. Below you will find details regarding the investment opportunities we currently have available and are open to working together on.

Investors whom we already work with are already making some amazing returns on their cash invested with us. Dan & James offer unbeatable returns without having to take HUGE risks.

Not only will you make some impressive returns, if interested, we can also teach you as part of an “Earn and Learn” opportunity whereby we share with you the ins and outs of what we do from how we have sourced, organised the refurbishment and how we will be ensuring your money is safe and returned to you with every penny of promised interest. So you will be earning whilst also learning the entire process of our business.

For security and peace of mind, we will sign legally binding documents that protect you and your money.

Below are some examples of the impressive returns that can be made with us when compared to leaving your money in the bank.

Please note that we endeavour to comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Policy Statement 13/3 and therefore our offer and opportunities are only open to sophisticated or high net worth investors. We are not legally able to offer investment advice; we only aim to offer you all of the facts to enable you to make your own preferred investment decision. We always advise seeking professional advice before making any form of investment.


Hopefully you are now as excited as we are about the potential returns that can be achieved by working together.

If you are interested in investing with us and earning yourself these amazing returns on your money with no stress or hassle, please do get in touch and we can arrange either a meeting in person, phone call or even a zoom call to discuss this opportunity and the formalities in greater detail.

You will of course be more than welcome to invest with us on an earn and learn basis too if interested? You could then not only get the great monetary returns promised, but also follow us every step of the project to learn the ins and outs of how we have sourced, worked with architects, planning consultants, achieved planning,

Organised and managed the refurbishment so you are more confident in possibly replicating the process for yourself on future projects.

We therefore very much look forward to hearing from you and working together in the future.

As always, should you have any questions about anything mentioned above or would like to arrange a call or meeting to discuss working together, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.